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Taking a step forward Delilah felt a gust of wind faintly push against her back, whisking the fabric of her dress around her legs as it picked up.

It all made sense now. 

She had spent today like she had each and every one the past four weeks, keeping up a brave face. Thinking if she could appear unbreakable then everyone else would lay off of her. 

But who was she kidding? 

Well, from the way the funeral ended, everyone but herself. 

She had managed to fool everyone. 

Of course they knew she wasn’t completely healed, how could she be? She was a widow at just the age of twenty-four. She’d lost her husband just four weeks ago, but she was good enough to convince everyone that she didn’t need someone watching her around the clock.

That she wasn’t a danger to herself. That she didn’t feel guilty for anything that went down the night her life changed, what she’s still unable to decide was for better or worse.

She’d even fooled her parents, who swore they knew their only child like the back of their own hands. But how could they? She didn’t even know herself anymore.

Keeping her gaze on the cars speeding past she didn’t blink, watching as the tears and headlights formed into a beautiful blend of colors.

She let her tired eyes drift shut feeling all of her other senses shift to pick up the loss of the other. It had been weeks since she’d had a decent night of sleep, way before the accident. She felt as though her mind were almost disconnected from her body as she went about her days. She was exhausted, both physically and mentally.

Letting out a deep breath she felt her fingers twitch as the fabric of her dress gently tickled her wrist. 

The honk of a car just a few feet away, the gushes of wind whisking past that rocked her back and forth seemed to be calling for her to move closer. They just needed her close enough so that they could lift her up and take her away from all the problems she was trying her best to run away from.

It felt as though her head was about to explode from all the thoughts bouncing around in it. She didn’t care to try and decipher the truth from the guilt driven ones, she just wanted it all to stop.

She just wanted silence.

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I have a panic disorder. While having an attack one day, I called my boyfirend because I was scared. He hung up the phone as soon as I said that and was over in no time to comfort me.

He doesn’t have a car.

He lives 10 miles away.

He ran.





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